Don Russ

Joseph is one of those rare individuals that puts his customers first. The PC he provided us was incredibly fast with the solid state hard drive. Tell your friends, Joseph will save them a lot of money. Thank you Joseph!

Mike Cohen

Was having problems with out iMac. Was able to get it working the next day. Very reasonable charge. Very happy. Also great prices on used laptops if I ever need one.

Tommy Cork

I was recent looking for a relative inexpensive used laptop. I had previously purchased a used desktop for my grandsons from Joseph Thomas at Used PC Outlet one year before and my experience with Mr. Thomas was very pleasant. So, I decided to once again do some business with him. We discussed my laptop needs […]

Paige T.

I feel super lucky to have found this place. I was driving with my man, we saw the sign, and on a whim decided to drop in as we were in the market for a new laptop. I am pretty lost when it comes to computers, but my man is very knowledgeable and he and […]

Hal Tatari

I got 3 laptops and 1 desktop from here over the years. here’s the deal: this is a place that sells refurbished commercial laptops and desktops. what this means is it sells commercial versions of the consumer laptops and desktops you see at stores, it sells things that corporations and businesses have used.

Michael Wolfe

Joseph has proven over the years to be a valuable and reliable source for PC’s and equipment. He has more than a few times bailed us out of difficult situations with the right technical solutions. I would recommend his firm without hesitation. Michael Wolfe, CEO Bottom-Line Analytics LLC

MarketTru Inc.

Great experience here, Thomas was knowledgeable about everything computers. It was a quick, painless and affordable experience. THANKS!!!

Jomy Methipara

I recently purchased my first refurbished laptop. The service was excellent and the delivery was prompt. This is my first time buying a refurbished laptop and I would do it again because it’s a high quality machine at a low price. The value definitely exceeds the price paid. Highly recommended.

Alex Johnson

I have purchased a few laptops over the years for different purposes and you are getting a great machine for a great price. I highly recommend this company for good quality machines and great service.