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Thomas is amazing! I knew what I needed and he took care of all my computer needs and more. I love my EliteBook. I recommend Thomas & Used PC Outlet to everyone!

Usedpc-outlet is a great place to get deals on computers. We run a small business with 3 outlets and get all of our computers there. Thomas is a great guy who will recommend you get the Stainless Steel hard drives and you should listen to him — he knows what he’s talking about. They run much faster and are way more reliable.

Thomas provided more support than I could expect when my laptop wouldn’t start up. Work was completely satisfactory. Will use him again.

I am a surveyor and I have bought several computers from this store and referred at least 3 friends who bought here and were happy with their purchase. They have excellent used business grade computers that; in my opinion, are better than new & certainly cost a lot less. I would not even consider buying a computer anywhere else. Mike Vickery of Vickery Engineering and Surveying in Ocean Springs, MS.

They give great service here. They help me when I become so frustrated with my computer. I have bought two great computers from here over the years. Thanks for the great educating service!

Mr Thomas was extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable.

I purchased a used laptop almost a year ago and it still works great. They’ve also helped me erase the memory and recycle old computers at an incredible value. I would definitely recommend them to my friends!

I can’t tell you what a jewel the Used PC Outlet is. My computer completely crashed from the Trojan virus and I lost all of my work files. Panic. However, Thomas put my computer in the “ER” and somehow managed to recover EVERYTHING in 24-hours and clean the virus off of my hard drive. I have never seen such hard working, helpful and HONEST people in the tech repair business than at Used PC Outlet. What a gift to have them in the neighborhood! You saved me from a serious nervous breakdown. I would recommend them for repairs and purchases of computers and just about anything related to networking and computer systems! Jennifer Wadsworth, Owner Wadsworth World Enterprises, Inc.

Honest and reliable outlet for all pc needs. Found them much more economical and efficient than most pc repairers in Atlanta. Love the place. First place that comes to my mind when my pc needs a doctor.

My wife has been complaining about how slow her Dell desktop has become. Ok, the machine is several years old and I probably should have just bought a new one. Instead, I took it to the Used PC Outlet and they convinced me to save some cash and install a Solid State Hard Drive. If I did’t like the results no charge, if I I bought a newer used machine. Well, the end result, the wife is happy, I am happy, and save a few hundred dollars in the process. Highly recommend them for their work and great conversation.

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